Morning Drop-off

  • School doors open at 7:45 am. For the safety and security of your child, please do not drop off children before 7:45 am, as the main school doors are locked and there is no supervision available.
  • Third Street School has two entrances/exits: the main one on June and another on Las Palmas. Both entrances/exits will remain open for 15 minutes after drop-off and pick-up.   
  • All Kindergarten students need to be walked into school and taken directly to their classroom and parents must wait with their children until 8:06am. 
  • Students in Grades 1-5 may be dropped off using the drive-through lanes on June and Las Palmas.  To do this, students must be able to open the vehicle door and get out on their own with their backpacks.
  • Whenever possible, please have all of your child's belongings in the car, not the trunk. 
  • Put your car in park when your child is exiting.
  • Please follow the direction of the drop-off volunteers in the school driveway.Courtesy towards volunteers is expected at all times. Please treat them with respect and provide a good example for your child. 
  • Do not enter the driveway if you intend to park and walk your child into school.
  • Use extreme caution while using the drop off lanes and obey all traffic laws.   

Afternoon Drop-off

  • Both the school's front entrance off June Street and the back entrance off Las Palmas will remain closed till 2:15 pm. Parents who wish to enter before 2:15 pm may do so by entering through the June Street entrance and obtaining a visitor's pass from the main office.
  • Kindergarten students MUST be promptly picked up directly from their teacher. They are NOT allowed to be picked up curbside. 
  • There is absolutely NO WAITING outside school entrances without an adult.  
  • After 4:30 pm, the front door is locked and pickup is through the Staff Gate in the teacher’s parking lot on June Street.  Please do not park or drop off/pick up in this lot and only use this gate after 4:30 pm.