There are several sources for information about goings-on at Third Street Elementary School.  

  • BACKPACK:  Many important notices from teachers and the Main Office are sent home in student’s backpacks.  Please check your child's backpack each day and read all notices!
  • ROOM PARENTS:  Room parents help teachers coordinate classroom activities and keep parents up-to-date on class events (such as field trips, projects, class parties, etc.).  They are also a vital link in the communication process by conveying important school information to parents on a "local" or classroom level.   Please speak to your child’s teacher if you’d like to be a room parent.
  • BULLETIN BOARDS AND MARQUEE:  Check out the bulletin boards near the Auditorium, Main Office, Tech Center and Las Palmas entrance. Also read the marquee outside the June Street entrance for upcoming events
  • ONLINE CALENDAR: You can view the school calendar on the Home page of this website, or in greater detail on our parent site at
  • EMAIL NEWSLETTER:  This almost-weekly parent-driven email newsletter contains news, events and updates from the school (Third Street School office and teachers, School Site Council, English Language Advisory Committee), as well as from our parent organizations (Third Street PTA and Friends of Third). To sign up, visit the Email Newsletter signup form.
  • PRINCIPAL'S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: This monthly "blue letter" is sent home in all students' backpacks, with updates from Principal Daniel Kim. Click here for a PDF archive of the monthly letters.
  • CLASS BLOGS: Several teacher keep blogs or classroom sites to provide extra communications with students and families about assignments and events. Current sites include:
    • Room 29 News & Happenings (Ms. Byham)
    • Nineteen News (Mr. Bassett)
    • Tech Center Lesson Plans includes information for students and parents about weekly technology instruction provided by Planet Bravo.

Links for Parents:

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