“As you drive down Third Street you may notice the beautifully flowered walls between Las Palmas and June Street, but you could pass by many times without ever realizing what is housed within these green walls.

Within these walls we house one of the greatest elementary schools in Los Angeles Unified School district.

Within these walls are a teaching staff that goes beyond the call of duty preparing their students for the educational challenges of the 21st Century. Their cars are among the first in the parking lot in the morning and the last to leave in the evening. Their classrooms are places of warmth, kindness and inviting atmosphere that welcome children with open arms.
Within these walls are young scholars of many ethnicities that approach their education with enthusiasm and excitement. Our students are among the highest achievers in the district and state and leave after six years eminently prepared for middle school. Above all, our students are happy and proud, reaping the benefits of discipline and hard work.
Within these walls are amazing parents who work tirelessly to make our school all that it can be. Our parent groups, Friends of Third and PTA, have successfully brought programs to our school that makes us the envy of many other schools. They have brought us music and drama teachers, a state of the art technology center and teacher, and an endless variety of supplemental activities.

Within these walls exists all that every parent desires for his/her children’s education and within these walls you are welcome to be an active member of the Third Street family.”