A number of organizations and resources are in place at Third Street Elementary, all with the aim of improving the educational experience for its students.

Friends of Third (FOT) is a non-profit fundraising arm (booster club) that raises money to provide Third Street School with educational resources and enrichment programs not possible within the constraints of the LAUSD budget. It is run independent of the school and is not affiliated with LAUSD.  Learn more on the Friends of Third website.

PTA is a national organization with local school units whose mission is to provide a powerful voice for children, be a relevant resource for families and communities and a strong advocate for the education and well being of every child. For more information, visit the PTA website.

This is a group of teachers and parents who work closely with the principal for school improvement programs, budgets and academic plans.  SSC is responsible for developing, reviewing and evaluating the Single Plan for Student Achievement and approving the English Learner categorical funds at Third Street Elementary. Parents may get involved through the election process and are always welcome at SSC meetings.  To learn more go to www.lausd.net. Our school's SSC consists of:

  • Tim Hill
  • John Han
  • Peter Yu
  • Heeli Kim-Jeong
  • Jessica Campos
  • Daniel Kim
  • Jacqueline Tyler
  • Joel Karchmer
  • Ted Shu
  • Ann Hutchinson

This committee participates in developing, implementing and evaluating the school’s Limited English Proficient (LEP) students and budget.  ELAC informs parents about academic programs and budgets for LEP students.   Monthly meetings are held and are open to ALL.  Topics such as Gifted/Talented Program, LAUSD’s ‘Choices’ Magnet Program, Thinking Maps, Cyber Bullying, and more are discussed.  More information can be found in the Parent Center, room 33.

The Parent Center for our school is located in room 33.  The Parent Center is available for parent volunteer groups to meet and/or work. If you would like to reserve the Parent Center, or check the schedule to determine availability, please contact Helen Lee at teachlee818@gmail.com.   Meetings for FOT, PTA, ELAC, SSC, GATE, etc. may be held in this center.  This room also includes the Friends Community Center (see Special Education Advisory Committee below).

The Special Education Advisory Committee was created by parents, in cooperation with LAUSD’s Autism Support Unit, to aid in supporting the needs of teachers, support staff, and parents of children with special needs. When necessary, outside professionals will be consulted to help with challenges that arise at Third Street School.  This committee operates through the Friends Community Center located within the Parent Center in room 33. For more information, please see the Assistant Principal or leave a note in the APEIS mail slot in the Main Office.